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Hi! My name is Diego, founder of cityinaweek.com and passionate traveler!

Since 2014 I've been visiting the most important cities of the world in order to describe my travel experience to all those who want to follow me in my adventures that have brought me so far in 14 major capitals, given me the opportunity to visit almost 100 museums and art galleries, strolling in over 50 parks and eating in more than 200 restaurants, but also to jump on and off buses and subways for about 500 times, passing around 200 days far from home with a 10kg backpack on my shoulders. Along the way I've met about 40,000 people, talked with a few hundred, but above all I made a dozen of new friends which I will hold dear in my heart together with these beautiful cities.

The cityinaweek Paris experience
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Welcome to the tenth destination of Cityinaweek!

Soon I’ll lead you in a fantastic journey in one of the European capitals of fashion, contemporary art, cinema and culture as well as the most visited destination in the world: Paris, capital of France.

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The year 2017 was a crucial moment for the project, the goal was to complete the first ten cities in view of the new version of the website scheduled for 2018, therefore after a few weeks from my trip to Tokyo I decided to take off again to complete this tour with the last missing city that for obvious reasons I wanted to be Paris.

In 2024 Paris will host after more than a century a new International Exhibition which took place here for the first time in 1889 with the famous ''Exposition Universelle''. With the creation of this travel plan I wanted to provide a modern and updated guide of this extraordinary city, sure of being able to offer a valid alternative to the classic itineraries published online. If you are ready to follow me, soon you’ll discover the Paris that I experienced.

I visited the French capital for about fifteen days, in order to explore a large number of places and offer the reader the best route possible, especially in a city where the number of tourists is always high at any time of the year, and I also organized some Day Trips that I’ll publish later as an extra to the classic cityinaweek itinerary. As for the other cities, with a good organization and time planning I’ll be able to help you jump the queue, explore hidden places and visit as many things possible with the time you have at your disposal.

But I don’t want to lose the thread... Paris is a city, as I said, always full of tourists, but never like during the Christmas holidays and from late spring until summer. These are the two most critical moments for the inexperienced tourist who stops in Paris but at the same time these also represent the two periods of the year in which the city is at its very best. So I don’t see why you have to sacrifice this added value when, with a good planning, you can still enjoy the city to the fullest. I'd like to point out that here the rainfall is fairly constant throughout the year and although the French argue that in summertime the weather is always nice, in reality only the month of August is particularly dry but in all the other periods you’ll have a good chance to find long rainy days. My personal advice is to take advantage of the summer or winter holidays to visit Paris, as I mentioned these are the two best times. It must be said, however, that the Parisian winter can be very harsh with peaks of some degrees below zero as well as the summer heat can be really scorching in some years, so be equipped with clothing suitable to cope with these events. For the rest, whether it’s snowy and the city is hovered by gray clouds or surrounded by green trees and a blue sky, the Seine and Paris are always fascinating.

So here we are... In the following pages you can read in detail my travel experience in Paris: monuments to see, museums to visit, unmissable views, restaurants to try... All completed by my photos, some personal considerations, historical notes, reference prices and a direct link to view them on an interactive map always at your fingertips, on your smartphone. All planned to free you from the hassel of hours of online research, easily customizable according to your style of travel and completing the box with your Base Camp or better with the name of the hotel or the address of the apartment where you're staying.

I'd say that it's all... So let's get going!

This travel guide is based on our visit in Paris dated back to January 2017.
Paris in a week was made possible thanks to the support of TinyTurtle srl - Milan.